Equal parts Creativity & Analytics


We are named after two disparate legends


A true firebrand force of nature who lived, loved and lived some more. Peggy drew upon her vast inheritance to become a bohemian queen of the art world: Collecting and promoting the work of countless artists such as Jackson Pollock. She was some gal.


A steady, solid guy. John was ahead of his time, an open-minded feminist with an exceedingly high IQ. He was the Father of the ‘cause and effect approach’ and whilst that sounds a bit dull, it’s really rather cool and geeky.

Upon the meeting of these two contrasting yet equally unique voices, we strive to achieve our company motto:

Weird enough to make it interesting, scientific enough to make it work.

We're Geeks

We aren’t ashamed to admit that we talk about our game-changing marketing vision over drinks. You’ll never meet a more down to earth marketing bunch on the island.

We're Rebels

From the start we’ve challenged the norm. We know our ideas are 'out there', but we’re not afraid to try something new. We encourage our partners to embrace originality and innovation.

We're Leaders

We’re taking a stand to change marketing on the island. We're creative and commercially focused. We truly believe that our marketing methodology can take brands from good to great.

  • Tenacious

    We love a challenge.
    No brand, business or goal is out of reach.
    We are determined for our business and clients to succeed. We will always find a way to make it so.

  • Resourceful

    We combine our collective skill set, discovery of new technologies with our ways of working to solve problems to succeed.
    We love to learn, it’s part of our culture. We invest in our growth to help our businesses and customers thrive.

  • Experimental

    Our creatives and applications are both experimental.
    Scientific self starters (inner geeks).
    We launch, measure, learn and optimise.

  • Unequivocal

    Honest, transparent, trustworthy.
    No Bullshit.

  • Atypical


Our Team

It’s the we that makes us work. Our whole team is involved in developing our creative performance strategies. We blend our skills and experience to maximise our impact and give our partners success.

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Peggy and Mills Team